Market and society – seen through the eyes of citizens

CEM Economy is a new reporting system with access to more than 300 market and society topics and forecasts, which are regularly updated by telephone interview with a nationally representative sample of Danish consumers.

In CEM Economy you are able to design your own home page to fit your specific needs. Of course, CEM Institute can also set up the home page for you as part of the services we offer free of charge.

The example below shows a user, who has chosen 4 favorites among the 300 topics – they will then be displayed on the user’s personal home page. It’s possible to select as many favorites as needed.

From the home page you’re also able to create segmentations. In the example below the user has made a segmentation, where the area (ie the variable) ”Purchased PC” is crossed by the variable ”Business newspapers read yesterday”. You can cross all of CEM Economy’s 300 market and society areas; providing you with an eminently analytical tool – also for the benefit of your colleagues.

CEM Economy even gives you market forecasts 3-24 months ahead. In the short term (3-6 months) the results are based on citizens’ and customers’ own statements. In the long term (12-24 months) we update an average of forecasts from Statistics Denmark, OECD, banks and others – for Denmark and on a global level. Read more about content and method from page 3 and onwards.

Order CEM Economy and obtain your own site with access to all data, figures, forecasts and articles.

The perfect start for constructing CEM, where you can gather all your market knowledge and insights.
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