User Friendly System

Finally it’s here. Catglobe offers a user friendly questionnaire editor, which contains both simple and advanced solutions.

Catglobe guides you through four simple steps to create a successful survey:

  • Edit questionnaire
  • Target Group
  • E-mail Template
  • Invite Respondents


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Features and Benefits


Full Control

You will not experience any
technical limitations while
working in Catglobe.
This will enable you to
customize your questionnaire
to fit your survey.

Flexible Settings

Experience unlimited
options in terms of question
properties, question types,
conditions, jumps, filters,
and language selection etc.


Invite respondents
through e-mail, SMS, QR,
pop-up and/or panel

No Limitations

Unlimited amount of
surveys pr. year. Unlimited
amount of respondents pr.
survey. Unlimited users
to function as admins.

Save Time and Resources

Create and reuse templates
such as customer satisfaction,
advertising and product tests
etc. Templates can be reused
in the project process from
data collection to reporting.

High Security

We can’t guarantee your
WiFi connection, but we
promise that any change
in your questionnaire will
be saved automatically.

Customize Layout

  • Customize your design on e-mail invitations, questionnaires and analyses.
  • Insert your company logo, colors, fonts and graphics.
  • It is possible to use custom CSS.


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