Experience endless possibilities when integrating Catglobe with its other modules along with external systems.


External integration to Catglobe

We have many years of experience with integrating Catglobe with external systems.
We support many different technical integrations from files via FTP to web services (WCF and REST).
It enables you to continue parts of your work with systems you already use.

Customer system (CRM)

Connect Catglobe with your current CRM system. For example:

CRM integration
  • Catglobe knows when satisfaction surveys are needed.
  • Satisfaction surveys are collected with Catglobe and reported together with many possibilities to draw reports and define these yourself. The data is also transferable to your CRM system, giving you the option to use the results here or in your financial system.


Benefit from integration with your current newsletter system.

Newsletter integration
  • Let Catglobe control your newsletter registration.
  • Intelligent control of subject lists which ensures that your costumers only receive relevant newsletters and/or campaigns.


Internal integration to Catglobe

You can integrate our solutions across Catglobe. Find the solution that fits your individual need. For example:

Intern integration
  • Integrate our web shop module to panel control. Read more about panel management.
  • Integrate data to our reporting. Read more about data collection and reporting in Catglobe.
  • Create automatic work flows that enable you to recruit respondents through telephone interviews and web interviews. Direct them back to an automatic follow-up via telephone if they do not answer via web interview.
  • Integrate our HR solutions to your telephone interviews.


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