What do I get with a free trial?

By signing up for a free trial you will automatically be given 2000 Data Units, which will expire 30 days after signup. The free trial is based on the basic package, where you can explore our flexible survey and data features.

How can I upgrade to a basic or premium package?

You can purchase Data Units after signing in to Catglobe. You can either purchase/repurchase the basic package or upgrade to our premium solution.

What are Data Units?

Data Units are the currency of Catglobe, which are spent when you collect information.
Read more about Data Units here

How do I know how many Data Units I have spent?

Catglobe provides you with an overview of used and remaining Data Units.

How long does Data Units last?

If you are registered as a free user your Data Units will expire after 30 days. However our basic and premium packages expire one year after purchase, as they are based on a one-year license.

Can I get my money back, if I don’t use my Data Units?

No. All of our packages expire within a year, as they are based on a one-year license. Therefore we recommend that you start out with our free trial or basic package, so you have an indication of how much data you will need.

What languages do Catglobe support?

Users can experience Catglobe in Danish and English. Furthermore we provide interview language on surveys in 20+ countries – with the possibility of adding more.
Read more about our multi language solutions here

How do I create an questionnaire?

See our tutorial on who to create a questionnaire here.


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