Pen & Paper

Print your questionnaires and get automated distribution and reception

With Catglobe you may opt to print your questionnaire as a paper questionnaire. You use the same questionnaire editor, and the system ensures to setup questions in a nice layout, so it is easy for respondents to fill in. Furthermore, the data is easy to register, enter or scan after the forms have returned.

Catglobe will help you with all the important elements when carrying out postal surveys; even the small, important details that make the process run perfectly. This includes getting each questionnaire the right project number when printing and each its own unique serial numbers – if you need more questionnaires, the system will even remember the next sequence number.

If you need to send the survey by post, or want to have the name of a respondent written on the questionnaires, you just choose which contact information to display, e.g. on the first page, whereafter the values are extracted from the system when you have chosen the recipient target group. After this, the questionnaires are ready to be put in envelopes.

The questionnaires can also be printed to PDF, and sent to colleagues or clients – this is a nice way to discuss question wordings and review the text, but also to check whether the navigation between questions is correct.

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