Mobile, SMS, QR-codes

Questionnaires and reports through Mobile, SMS or QR codes

In Catglobe you can show questions, collect answers on your mobile phone and through SMS as well as starting questionnaires, formulas or reports through QR codes.

At the same time, you can show results, reports and graphics on your mobile phone. Therefore, all technologies melt into one single media. With a smart phone and access to Catglobe you have every needed tool for a professional analysis institute, no matter where in world you are!

With Catglobe, you can quickly and efficiently collect results and show them! Offer your managers, sales director, marketing director or others to access “real time” information, directly on your mobile phone – data simply pops up as soon as the relevant news are available.

If you need to send out surveys by post, or want to have the names of the respondents written on the questionnaires, you just choose which contact information to display, e.g. on the first page, whereafter the values are extracted from the system when you have chosen the recipient target group. After this, the questionnaires are ready to be put in envelopes.

The questionnaires can also be printed to PDF, and sent to colleagues or clients – this is a nice way to discuss question wordings and review the text, but also to check whether the navigation between questions is correct.

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