Integrating customers’ own insight shortens the path to success!

It is no wonder that Customer Experience Management (CEM) is becoming a recurring item on the agenda in many companies – the customer experience will always be crucially important both to earnings, and to the company’s general competitiveness.

CEM is related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), only working the other way around. While CRM refers to a company’s registration of its relationship with the customer, CEM is the customer’s own feedback on his/her experience with the company. Both aspects are important.

In short, CEM means always knowing your customers’ expectations, requirements and plans for the future. It means having your customers validate your performance themselves – also in relation to your competitors.

The precondition for working with Customer Experience Management in practice is that the CEM processes are supported by a designated technology – precisely the kind of technology developed by CEM Institute-Voxmeter in the form of the Catglobe software.

Reduce costs and increase knowledge:
1. When you see yourself unfiltered through the eyes of your customers, you will achieve intimacy with the customers and an increased understanding of the market.

2. When customer feedback is transformed into structured market knowledge, the value multiplies.

3. When market knowledge becomes more efficient less work is required, alongside fewer surveys and external spending.

4. When market knowledge is categorized by responsibilities, the relevance of knowledge is ensured – regardless of level and department.

5. When market information is tailored to your organisation, you achieve optimal knowledge sharing across departments.

6. When everyone understands the market through a common frame of reference, a new intense awareness and adaptability is obtained.

7. When the individual departments understand the market in the same differentiated way as your customers, performance is optimized.

8. When customer feedback is reported in real time, you can instantly react – even in sudden and unexpected situations.

9. When market knowledge is structured, you can obtain CEM ratios, which draw a line from strategy directly to the customers.

10. In short: you become better at attracting, winning, retaining and predicting customers.