Coloplast enhances its customer and market insight worldwide

CEM Institute has helped Coloplast to get quick access to dialogue with consumers and professional customers in 7 countries so far. Now, Coloplast has gained accessibility to customer feedback, making it possible to improve the customers’ experience with both the company and its products. The solution implies major savings in the research budget due to extensive streamlining, efficiency and automation – all thanks to the Catglobe software.

To Coloplast, the main issue was the very high costs of carrying out customer surveys, since the company’s target audiences are relatively small. Furthermore, all projects previously launched were considered as ad hoc-projects involving all the related start-up and project management costs.

Therefore, it was agreed to create customer panels in different segments. It was further decided to automate the logistics of the customer dialogue (interview/feedback) so that significant parts of the processes and surveys could easily be reused. In addition, the process of recruiting respondents from the variuos customer segments was simplified. This was effected by gathering the channels from which customers are invited, such as social media, orgsanizations, etc.

The panels are connected to both a language management program and a loyalty program (some of Catglobe’s many modules) in order to give customers (respondents) positive experiences. The panels guarantee quick access to even small market populations, and the loyalty program (which includes a gift shop) ensures fast response times and high response rates. All this has resulted in considerable improvements of both speed, quality and user friendliness. The panels are expanded and consolidated on an ongoing basis – and are in themselves helping Coloplast to increase customer loyalty.