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Using Catglobe is easy!

You get your own unique site, which only you have access to, and where data is encrypted and protected by firewalls. We carry out regular backups of the site.

We recommend that you complete the 4 introductory courses in order to understand the basic logic of Catglobe.

Many clients also choose to start up with a face to face course or a customized online course. This dependents on individual needs and how one wish to use company resources.

We offer support, both ad-hoc, in larger packages and according to special agreements.

At Catglobe we employ many experienced research consultants, often with engineering background, or with yearlong experience in the analysis industry.

Furthermore, we have our own development department in Vietnam, ensuring that we can build and support even large CEM solutions effectively, quickly and at reasonable prices. Common to every employee is an active participation in the development of the system.

Even though more and more analysis companies and interview companies use Catglobe, this is not the reason you easily and cheaply can obtain interviews in the whole world – Catglobe is also compatible with most other analytical softwares!

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