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Smooth distribution and synchronization of decentralized interview units

Catglobe allows you to put surveys onto, for instance, a laptop or a portable computer, meaning that the survey can be completed without being online. This is especially useful for face2face, street or shop interviews, but also for semi-qualitative surveys such as filling out diaries etc.

It is easy and time saving!

Example: 10 consultants need to complete 1,000 interviews in a target group across 3 different shopping malls – questionnaire, project description, contacts and quotes are downloaded to each consultant’s laptop, whereafter they can go ahead with the interviews. Every time the consultant becomes online, all quotes and answers are uploaded and synchronized automatically.

Similarly, you can set up consoles for people to fill out surveys on their own in shops, airports, at conferences etc.

When this relates to data collection in many locations and/or several countries, there are large amounts to save.

Catglobe makes it easy to distribute questionnaires with the right quotes – divided into the right locations, the right languages and the correct research consultants, regardless of the number of locations or consultants.

Every time the consultant logs on, all elements are updated and synchronized – therefore, Catglobe saves a lot of working hours as well as eliminating the risks of errors.

In the end, all this makes the job a lot easier for project managers and costs are reduced significantly!

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