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Data Units

Data Units are the currency of Catglobe.

Data Unit forklaringData Unit example

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Example of Data Unit usage

Data Units are spent when you collect data, import data, calculate in questionnaires, distribute e-mails/SMS and webshop orders.

You import 3 pieces of background information about 1000 respondents: First name, phone number and e-mail.
Next, you set up a survey with 25 questions, and e-mail it to the respondents.
200 respondents answer all 25 questions, and recieve an auto generated SMS with a cupon code to your webshop.
20 of the respondents use the cupon code to place an order in your webshop

Data Service Data Units per Data Service Respondents Amount per Respondent Total Data Units
Data Import 0,1 1000 3 300
E-mail 0,4 1000 1 400
Collected Data 1,0 200 25 5000
SMS 0,5 200 1 100
Webshop Order 10,0 20 1 200
Total Data Unit usage       6000
Price No. of Data Units DKK per Data Unit Total price Currency
Basic 6000 0,1 kr. 600,00 DKK
Premium 6000 0,06 kr. 360,00 DKK
Premium (refill x 6) 6000 0,03 kr. 180,00 DKK


Furthermore, Data Units can be used to purchase extra users to Catglobe.
The first 10 users are free. Extra users can be added for 5,000 Data Units each.


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*charged in Data Units


30 Days

Data Units


Data Units


Data Units

Annual Licence
You are able to save your Data Units for a year.
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10 users can operate in Catglobe.
You have the ability of adding more*.
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No limits of surveys pr. year*.
Unlimited amount of respondents pr. survey*
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Data Collection
Collect data through exisiting data, hall test, call center, webinterview, pen and paper etc*.
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Full access to all report functions such as real time reporting etc.
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Data Export
Export your data to Excel and PowerPoint.
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Data Import
Import background information about respondents, employees, customers etc*.
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Layout settings
Insert company logo on questionnaire, reports, PowerPoints and e-mail invitations.
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Full layout settings
Customize your design on questionnaires and analyses. Insert company colors, font and graphics.
It is possible to have personal CSS.
Create dynamic and automatic newsletters based on interest and behavior*.
Panel Management
Manage an unlimited number of panels and individuals with the possibility of creating automatic actions*.
Customer Clubs
Target your communication to each individual member*.
CRM Solutions
Integrate your CRM solution with CEM and gain a full impression of your customers*.
HR Solutions
Catglobe can setup online courses, tests and evaluations of various aspects of an employee’s well-being (e.g. automatically offer a course to an employee who show early indications of stress ).*


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